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I'm looking for old wool sweaters -- those shrunken, out of style ones you're always meaning to take to goodwill -- and the plastic rings that hold together six-packs for a recycled craft project. Any and all donations will be gratefully received!
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I want to start crafting my own body products, but I have no idea where I can buy dried herbs: lavender, chammomile, lemongrass, etc...


As far as Moscow/Pullman is fine, and if you know of any great places in Spokane, that info would be welcome, too!

Of course, if you have any favorite recipes or tips, please share...

Ruth Etting

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Last summer I made a freecycle post offering kitchen scraps to any backyard chicken keepers, and I got one response from a guy who happened to live on the same block where I was living at the time, at my mom's place. We started giving him our chicken scraps and buying his eggs. We also help him out sometimes with his large garden, and he gives us produce. It's a pretty awesome system.

He always needs more help, so if anybody wants to barter some labor now for produce later in the season, I'm sure you could join us. He usually needs help Sundays and Mondays. Later in the season he might want some help with harvesting and canning as well, I'm not sure.

Let me know if you're interested.

Also, if anybody wants to dabble in dairy culturing, I have some homemade yogurt and (very thick) cultured buttermilk you could use as starters, and I have more rennet than I will be able to use before it goes bad. I'm happy to share.